Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I now pronounce VINTAGE WANTS officially open – cut the ribbon and stand back proudly.

Today was the first official day of the opening of my booth in Northampton Antiques Centre. I started setting up on Sunday but being as it was England v Germany in the world cup (the less said about that the better) we had to rush off to a family BBQ and for hubby to watch the match and I did not get a chance to set it up as I would have liked.  So today I went back added more stock and did a bit of titivating.  I dont have the biggest of areas and don't want to overfill it - although I am sure I will, once I get into the swing of things I won't be able to help myself. 

To try and keep it in some sort of order I have tried to theme my items together

Some red pieces

Some green, and of course the 1930's crinoline lady and cottage pieces.

Lovely Rose themed pieces

Finally the booth itself

On Sunday the Centre is going to decamp to the Fishmarket and they are holding
So if you are at a loose end and looking for something to do why not pop along and meet up with some of the other sellers from the centre.  I won't be there as it is getting close to eldest daughter's wedding and there are lots of last minute jobs to start sorting out and I only have one pair of hands and even though I think I can do miracles - and though I think I am WonderWoman, I really know I am not- and so I am going to sit this one out.


  1. Congratulations on your grand opening, Linda and Jake xx

  2. It looks great Deb, the colour themes are lovely.
    Ann x

  3. Congratulations! I hope you smashed a bottle of Champagne in the launch lol!

    You have beautiful stock and will be a great success xxx

  4. Lovely blog. Good luck with your booth in the Antiques Centre. I have a similar arrangement in the Dairy House near Shaftesbury.

  5. Good luck with your venture - looks great ! x

  6. It all looks lovely. Good Luck with your new venture! SueXXX


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