Tuesday, 30 March 2010


One of my passions – of which I have many is for children’s illustrators – especially American ones. I have quite a collection of pictures and prints on my walls of little cuties and was so pleased when on my trip to Peterborough Antique Fair on Friday I came across a large pair of Charles Twelvetrees signed and numbered prints which I just fell in love with.

The trouble was where to put them, “Don’t forget Debbie you have down sized” my brain told me... “What the heck I’ll find somewhere for them” said my heart. Guess which one won.

I have just propped them up along the hall wall for now but think I will have them up the stairs.

Whilst making my purchases and on the same stall I also fell for an American felted young lady that was standing on a shelf. Now to find her somewhere permanent to live my dog is not impressed with her perched on his back.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I know I should wait until the kitchen is completely finished to show it off but I cannot wait. I am just so pleased with how it is looking so far and all that needs doing now is to paint the walls and woodwork and we are set to go.                                                            

This was just before
we started work, the tiles had been removed from the wall and I quickly remembered to take photographs
before the work began.

We searched all the stores for the kind of kitchen that we thought would suit this old house and finally bought the kitchen from Wickes.  It is from their York range of oak kitchens which are painted and distressed to give it that old well worn shabby look. This means I don’t have to worry every time that someone knocks it or bashes it around as hey it already looks like it has been around the block a bit.

I just love the dark oak work surfaces, I know that you have to look after them more and keep them oiled but they just feel so nice.  OK so I spend a lot of time going around after people wiping up spills but the novelty will wear off I have no doubt.

I just thought I would show you my wonderful old green French dresser. I bought it around seven years ago and have been fighting with woodworm ever since. I love it so much I just cannot bear to get rid of it and every year I give it a soaking in woodworm treatment to keep the little critters at bay....

Whilst I am blogging I would just like to say a big thank you to all the lovely ladies that came and supported the fair on Saturday.  Whether you were selling or buying it was lovely to meet you all.   Ann and I really appreciate all the support you give us.  I have not done a blog on it as Ann and others who attended have already done that and I dont want to become boring.  Once again THANKS A LOT GUYS....

Friday, 19 March 2010



I am just putting the last minute price tags on my vintage goodies, finishing off my handmade items and generally panicing about tomorrow's fair. 

Ann and I are going up to the hall tonight to put out the tables and set our stalls up in order for us to be able to spend time with our sellers tomorrow instead of having our heads down in a flurry of activity.  We want to see what you ladies are selling and hoepfully take lots of photos.

Lets hope the weather stays bright like it is today and we will see all our friends there tomorrow.

Monday, 15 March 2010


The Etsy Midlanders of which I am proud to be a member are currently running a MYSTERY giveaway and There are six members offering some wonderful handcrafted and vintage items and I am in the first group.

 To be one of the 6 lucky winners all you need to do is:

Visit the Etsy shops introduced  and choose your favourite item from EACH shop

Pop back and leave a SINGLE COMMENT listing your most coveted item in each shop.

Here is the link needed to enter the Giveaway -

I know it is supposed to be a mystery giveaway but I can't resist showing you my offerings.  LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW.....

Friday, 12 March 2010


Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Phil Davis of Long Buckby Historical Society for sharing his knowledge of our house and its prior owners and for the wonderful photographs he has provided me with, also to Denise my friend in the US who e-mailed Phil to see what he might know as a surprise for me.

Our little house has quite a history as the bike shop within our village and it was in the same family for nearly 70 something years. The thought is that the property was originally a shoe workshop, Northampton is known as a boot and shoe town and lots of little cottage industries were set up from homes in the villages. This is a  pictures from the early part of the 20th century which show a row of cottages and the pub, sadly pulled down, and it is now the area where we park our car.

William (Billy) Blincow took over the premises and lived there with his wife and two children Gladys and Len and started up the bicycle repair shop. This was at a time when cycling was at its heyday and people would take their bikes and cycle for miles out into the countryside. The shop sold all kinds of accessories and bits and pieces for bikes and if they should have the bad luck to get a puncture William would repair it for them. When William died the business passed to his son and he and his wife continued with the business until his death in the early 1970’s. I have been told by men who were boys in the village when the shop was still in operation that Len would repair a puncture for 50p.......
This postcard picture dates from the 1950's and the sign on the
side of the house is now in pride of place in the Community Centre.  The little boy in the picture looks a lot like my husband did when he was a child, he had a three wheel trike which he used to ride and by all accounts use as an acrobatic prop, hence the broken nose when he hit a lampost going around the corner on two wheels.....
Finally who could resist this little one, this shows one of Williams children posing by a bicycle and was an advert used for the shop.  I am definitely going to frame that and put it on my wall.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Now I know that spring is coming – I went to my first car boot sales for this year. I actually got there late it was almost over – that will teach me not to take any notice of the time put on the notice boards. You would think by now I should know the ropes!!! But this was a new one to me.

Even though a lot of the sellers were beginning to pack up I still managed to find some great items that others had not seen.

Wonderful old Victorian china featuring some lovely cherubs and angels and an extremely pretty dressing table dish with roses on it.

My youngest daughter who had come with me and had passed the items by has decided they will look great on her stall at the Vintage and Home Made Fair and so no sooner had I shown them to her she had snaffled them off me with a plaintive cry of “They would look great on my stall, just what I need”. So what is a Mum to do but to hand them over.

Other finds included a wonderful old Chad Valley “Race to London” game which is complete and a Wills Cigarette card album which was full of the Roses and Wild Flower cards which I use all the time in my artwork and which I put with my jewellery. I always struggle with it, I  know it is a terrible thing but I have taken the cards out ready for my use and cannot wait to put them together in some way.
On my return home I noticed a jumble sale sign – again this was nearly over but I did manage to pick up this wonderful old Alfred Meakins Crinoline lady trio.

As the white rabbit said” I’m late, I’m late for a very important date..............” I really must be more organised next time.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Rushed home from work as I was going to see one of my favourite musicians at the Derngate our local theatre.  If you like modern folk with violin, banjo, double base and of course guitars then Seth Lakeman is your man. folk singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, not only is he a a brilliant musician he is wonderful eye candy with his dark brooding Devoinan looks. 

 His music really makes you want to dance and it was hard to sit in a theatre and watch him play.  Eventually towards the end of the performance we all gave in and got up and danced in our seats.  Cannot wait for his new album Hearts & Minds which is coming out in May.  That boy sure can play the fiddle.....