Thursday, 26 July 2012


When my sister was a child she just loved westerns and cowboys and now as I get older  I find myself looking back at the more innocent times with nostalgia and remember playing at Cowboys and Indians in the fields with friends down by the river in Oxford where I lived for a short time.

I picked this child's chair up from a skip some time ago and it has been stuck in my shed taking up room ever since.  The other day I needed to find my sun lounger in the said shed and after removing half the clutter to get to it I came across the little chair.  As the weather was so good I decided to have a go at doing something with it.

I had picked up a piece of vintage cowboys theme material at the Vintage Jumble in Northampton on Saturday and knew straight away that I would do something with a cowboy theme in honour of my sister and her love of all things cowboy.

I roughly painted up the chair, I wanted to give it a worn home on the range look,  and the started cutting into my vintage western comics to decoupage the back.  I made up a cushion out of the material and then used some vintage alphabet letters to pick out the word COWBOY.

Unfortunately the pictures are not the best as I took them in bright sunshine but I think you get the idea.  I will probably take this along to the Olney Fair on the 4th August as I like to sell my handmade alongside vintage at the fairs.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Once again our youngest has flown the nest and we spent last Saturday helping her and her partner move into their first place together.

They have moved into a delightful little thatched cottage in the beautiful village of Bloxham which is just outside Banbury.  They are about 40 minutes away from us, near to Oxford and not too far from the Cotswolds so I can see that we will be visiting them with some regularity.

As soon as she told me the name of the cottage they were going to view "Unicorn Cottage” in Unicorn Street I just knew that she would move into it.  Mind you after seeing it I can see why they would fall in love with it.
 The little window in the lounge that looks into the kitchen.
The teeny tiny kitchen set to the side of the lounge.
The main bedroom under the beamed roof.

The tiny little courtyard garden.

Such a little sweetheart of a cottage.
Check out the tiny little window under the thatch.

I had a little wander across the road and came across this little lane

Sadly it was just to wet to do much exploring and I was not dressed in my exploration outfit but will take a good look down there next time we visit.

Fianlly after  unpacking the cars with all her worldly goods, - well not quite all her worldly goods as she will be coming back to pick up the clothes that needed washing (thank you mum) , CD’s, DVD’s and various items that she missed with her first swoop over the next few weeks, we set off dinner at one of the local pubs and they treated us to a lovely three course meal.  Thank you.

Anyway now it is just hubby and I again the plan is to move the office into her room as it is much lighter and will be better for me to create in, move the spare bedroom into the office and then start the decorating.... no rest for the wicked. Hubby can’t wait as I hand him his brushes and set the pasting table up.