Sunday, 6 December 2009


I woke up so early this morning – turned over looked at the clock at it was 4.45...tossed and turned for a while and decided to get up and carry on sorting out MORE goodies to take to the fair. I only realised the day before just how big a scale this fair was....really must pay more attention and suddenly began panicking will I have enough stock, then reason took over and my little brain told me WHAT YOU HAVENT GOT YOU CANT SELL.

Hubby then joined me and gave me an early Christmas present that he thought might be useful – a trolley on wheels, useful I could have hugged him to death, anyone else would have been upset but I was elated, that will save my poor back – good thinking Batman.

We arrived nice and early and as you can see Bentley Priory is an impressive venue, the biggest I have shown in, no village hall this one. Bentley Priory is where the Battle of Britain was planned.

Outside on the lawn was a Hurricane and a Spitfire. When you look at how small they were and yet they helped us to win the war I cannot help but marvel at the skill and the courage of the airmen that flew in them.
  We set up the table taking a leisurely time about it and we received lots of wonderful comments.

It was a long day and lots of people came through the doors including Ann’s Aunt and Uncle who made a special trip out to support us – thank you to them.When we got home our grandchildren were there waiting for us as we were having them overnight whilst Mum and Dad went to a party and the first words that greeted Hubby were “Mints” umm think that he might be getting too many sweets from old Mr Soft touch........