Tuesday, 9 July 2013


After last weeks tidy up at Most Marvellous I decided to set to and tidy up my office workroom.  I share this space with hubby - well he shares it with me he has a tiny space for his computer and I have the rest of the room.....  He will tell you I often spill out into his few inches as well which drives him to distraction.

When we moved the rooms around last year our spare bedrom became the office and we moved the the spare room into what had been our office I managed to pickup a set of pidgeon hole thingies (not sure what they are called) which had come out of a school and these are invaluable for storing some of my bits and bobs on.

The Shelves were rescued from a skip at work - I was caught by my manager skip dipping for these but it was worth the comments as they are just so handy and I store my magazines and rolls of off cuts of materials in them.

The desk was bought for my grandson from the Vintage Jumble to sit at in the office when he comes over  but I have to admit that he really does not get a look in with yet another collection of my childrens school samplers, old typewriter complete with typewriter ribbon tin and postcards and ATC's made for me by friends

Finally I have my boxes full of papers, ephemera and general junk, I won't show you my computer desk as yes you have guessed it I have spread over into hubbies side and it is still a mess....

Talking about the Vintage Jumble I will be there on the 20th July at St Matthews in Northampton  with lots of sellers, I think there are going to be some outside stalls there this year as well so head on over and grab yourself a bargain or two or maybe even three or four.....

Tuesday, 2 July 2013



As June is now over and the slow period is on us for retail I decided that I would give my booth a move about and display some items in little settings in the hope that someone would go "oh I could do with that in my home" and walk away with an armful of my treasures.

 I found this wonderful Edwardian nursing chair at auction and just had to bid on it.

The colour purple just zings and it stands out beautifully and I used some of my pieces with purple in them to display on the chair.

A great chair to curl up with a good book on.

I tidied up all the shelves and restocked.

Sorted out the clothes 

Tidied up the jewellery and ephemera and generally titivated it all up

It was not easy as anyone who know me knows that being a Virgo I have to have everything in its place and where at all possible everything matching.   When you only have a small space this is not easy to achieve and at one time I was virtually hyperventilating trying to get it right.  I have to say a big thank you to Alex at Most Marvellous for working alongside me, plying me with coffee and sending me outside in order to breath when I stressed out.  Your right Alex no-one but me will notice that the purple is slightly off on the mauve or that the green does not quite match with the yellow...... Being a perfectionist sucks or maybe it is just my OCD showing.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


I had decided that I was going to be good this year and one of my new years resolutions was to have a clear out and thin down my collections.  I need to be able to display what I have got rather than keep adding to it. 

I made a start,  I sold one of my dolls on Ebay, felt good, I was doing what I needed to do and I also sold some of personal items at the Vintage Jumble in Northampton - another pat on the back. 

Alas I have to confess I am weak and before I knew where I was I found this little wardrobe that a dad has made for his daughter at some stage being sold by Sarah of Salvaged Style in Most Marvelous at Towcester.

 and before I knew where I was I had taken it to the counter and purchased it....  Mind you I knew exactly what i was going to use it for - I had a space where the doll had stood and I had some bears that were looking for a new home,  so there you are.....
We wnt to Spittlefields Market a couple of weekends ago and there was a vintage fair on and the first stall I came to had some packets of snippets of barkcloth in them and I bought three packs.  I have a lot of vintage photos and also some old cigarette cards that I have been looking for a use for and knew as soon as I found the material what I could do with them. 
some blank greetings cards that I will take to the next Vintage In the Shires Fair in Olney in February.  I like to take new hand made items to the fairs to compliment my vintage finds for sale and hope these will go down well.