Thursday, 27 March 2014


Big Rachel and Little Rachel are opening a wool shop on Saturday 29th March on Kingsley Front, it is a new venture for Rachel and a world away from her usual role of supporting Rachel and counselling others.

Rachel decided to put her love of knitting to use, and as circumstances would have it, a shop came empty on  Kingsly Park Terrace in Northampton not far from where she lives and after much umming an arring, shall I or shan't I Rachel has taken the plunge and the result of this is her new shop.

Rachel will be stocking wools by Sirdar, Debbie Bliss, Noro and Louisa Harding as well as Pony knitting pins and crochet hooks together with Buttons, Ribbons both new and vintage and lace for your projects.  In the shop they will also be holding workshops and drop-ins for those who are looking to learn how to knit or for those just looking to enjoy knitting something with other people.
All this will take place in a cosy corner of the shop with comfortable furniture to park oneself on whilst deciding what to knit and what colour to make it in.

Rachel will also be working in the shop and as you can see when I left they were busy putting the last touches to the shop sorting out the yarns and generally getting ready for Saturday.

The grand opening is from 10am on Saturday and as well as a having a spinning demo there will be tea, coffe and cakes so please go and  support a new local business.

                    70 Kingsley Park Terrace - Northampton - NN2 7HH - 01604 716768

Monday, 3 March 2014

Plimsolls No More

As you will see from my previous blog my workroom has quite a school theme going on and at the weekend I was out and about and we stopped at a reclamation yard in Croughton Oxfordshire and there stuck up in the corner was an old plimsoll holder that had come out of a local school.  Just had to have it
I have been keeping rolls of material in another wire holder but they kept falling out of the bottom as the gaps in the wire were too wide, which is a bit of a pain,  so I knew exactly what this would be used for.

Gave it a cleanup as it was rather algae covered where it had been out in the open air and voila somewhere for my offcuts of material.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

An Homage to Charlie

Last year we lost my step-father-in-law, he had a massive stroke and sadly passed away in November.  He fancied himself as a bit of a wheeler dealer in the world of antiques. Many years ago he used to sell on the Portabello Road in London.  By the time he came into our lives those days had gone but he still collected - mostly what I would class as rubbish but which he saw as treasures - one mans meat is another mans' poison as they say.  After he died it fell to the family to clear out his room, which was full to the gunnels with STUFF.  One thing he did have was lots and lots and lots of wooden picture frames, some of which were quite good,

I took some to sell at the booth and looking through them decided that actually it would be nice to have something to remember him by and so when we decided to clean up and decorate the bathroom (more about that fiasco some other time)I thought I would use some in there.

I am quite pleased how it turned out and every time I have a bath now I look at them and smile as amongst all his stuff was a few pieces that I could use - thanks Charlie.