Monday, 3 March 2014

Plimsolls No More

As you will see from my previous blog my workroom has quite a school theme going on and at the weekend I was out and about and we stopped at a reclamation yard in Croughton Oxfordshire and there stuck up in the corner was an old plimsoll holder that had come out of a local school.  Just had to have it
I have been keeping rolls of material in another wire holder but they kept falling out of the bottom as the gaps in the wire were too wide, which is a bit of a pain,  so I knew exactly what this would be used for.

Gave it a cleanup as it was rather algae covered where it had been out in the open air and voila somewhere for my offcuts of material.


  1. wow! that's great- mine is all over the place and needs a good sort out!

  2. I will have you know I pointed it out to you! ;) It looks fab though Mum. Its a great storage idea. x


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