Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I treated myself to a great new book a couple of weeks ago Rediscovered Treasures and decided to put to use one of their good ideas with some of the pretty doilies I have collected over the years but never found a great use for.

They are called sugar baskets and the ideas is that you add 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, boil it up, then soak the doilies in the sugar water and drape the material over a bowl or dish to form the shape.

Once they dry and set you can peel them off the bowl and hey presto you are left with a new bowl.

As they say "here are some I made earlier".

I gave them further embellishments with ribbons threaded through them and then finished off with vintage china floral brooches.

When I showed them to hubby he got really excited as he heard the word sugar and  he thought they were edible.... 

I shall be having a stall at the 1st Vintage Fair in Buckingham on Sunday so will see you all there.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


OK Winter is officially over and I am declaring Spring.  I have been absent from blogging for some time and after chatting to Zoe (Pennyblossom) who told me it was time I got back into letting her know what I was up to I decided that I would set too and start blogging again.  So Zoe this post is for you.

My neighbor has a small pond in his garden, it cannot be more than 4ft across by 7 foot long and yesterday I could not believe my eyes there sitting on top of the water paddling away were two ducks, Mr & Mrs..... 

 This morning at 7am they were there again.  Goodness knows where they have come from but it is so funny to see them rootling around in the pond.  Mind you I don't think my neighbor is quite as happy as I am to see them as they are making an awful mess of his garden.

I have to say it is so funny to see her waddling along with him following behind her and to cap it all  this evening I saw them walking along the main road and she had  another drake in tow.  Yes it is definitely Spring.