Tuesday, 20 March 2012


OK Winter is officially over and I am declaring Spring.  I have been absent from blogging for some time and after chatting to Zoe (Pennyblossom) who told me it was time I got back into letting her know what I was up to I decided that I would set too and start blogging again.  So Zoe this post is for you.

My neighbor has a small pond in his garden, it cannot be more than 4ft across by 7 foot long and yesterday I could not believe my eyes there sitting on top of the water paddling away were two ducks, Mr & Mrs..... 

 This morning at 7am they were there again.  Goodness knows where they have come from but it is so funny to see them rootling around in the pond.  Mind you I don't think my neighbor is quite as happy as I am to see them as they are making an awful mess of his garden.

I have to say it is so funny to see her waddling along with him following behind her and to cap it all  this evening I saw them walking along the main road and she had  another drake in tow.  Yes it is definitely Spring.


  1. Lovely to see you back in blogland Debbie, I was beginning to wonder where you had got too! Hope everything is OK and looking forward to catching up with you sometime this year. Have a great week.
    Jo xx
    PS Love the ducks.

  2. aahhh that must be a wonderful sight ;-) It must be great watching them. Its good to see you back and hear you are well. Bless Zoe she is so lovely. Enjoy Mr and Mrs duck while they are there. dee x

  3. We have ducks coming up and down the lane from the farm down the road.I get really worried when they cross the main road.He is a lucky duck he as 2 ladies in tow.I have had ducks and really miss them.Enjoy this lovely spring weather,Lesley x

  4. Welcome back Debs ..... I know how you feel about coming out of hibernation! Mr & Mrs Quack look lovely .... my lot wanted to know if we could have some to add to the menagerie .... mmmmm I'll have to think about that one. Thanks to Zoe for encouraging you and will you be at Buckingham? xx

    1. Hi there

      Yes I will be at Buckingham, only trouble is we have double booked that day - our grandaughter is in a dance show at the Derngate in Northampton so have to leave early to get to that, so am going to share a stall with sis.


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