Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I treated myself to a great new book a couple of weeks ago Rediscovered Treasures and decided to put to use one of their good ideas with some of the pretty doilies I have collected over the years but never found a great use for.

They are called sugar baskets and the ideas is that you add 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, boil it up, then soak the doilies in the sugar water and drape the material over a bowl or dish to form the shape.

Once they dry and set you can peel them off the bowl and hey presto you are left with a new bowl.

As they say "here are some I made earlier".

I gave them further embellishments with ribbons threaded through them and then finished off with vintage china floral brooches.

When I showed them to hubby he got really excited as he heard the word sugar and  he thought they were edible.... 

I shall be having a stall at the 1st Vintage Fair in Buckingham on Sunday so will see you all there.


  1. What an excellent idea. Love the way you have 'dressed' your bowls, I'm sure they will be very popular at the Fair.
    Carol xx

  2. They are lovely Debbie, what a fab idea. Good luck for the Buckingham fair on Sunday.
    Jo xx

  3. brilliant idea!
    I remember in my early teenage years doing something similar with my hair (not draping it over a bowl and leaving it to set!!) with sugar and water cos my mum said I was too young to use hairspray, and I was reading a while back that in the 50s they used to starch nylon petticoats with sugar and water for extra stiffness!


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