Monday, 27 July 2009

A Day Creating

Sunday - A very fruitful and productive day finally putting the finishing touches to a couple of altered bird houses I had been creating together with a fairy heart. I gave myself permission to take time out just to let my creative juices flow, in between of course cooking and putting washing out and rushing to get it in again when the skies opened....

At the same time I finally finished the flyer for our forthcoming vintage and Home Made Fair that we are holding in NovemberA wonderful weekend relaxing with ones I love and spending time creating what more could one ask for.

Photos In The Garden

Saturday was a busy day we had the grandchildren whilst Mum and Dad went clothes shopping in Birmingham. Our local pub the Yeoman of England - which is conveniently just across the road had a Fun Day and the children spent time happily playing on a bouncy castle and having their arms painted whilst Nanny, Grandpa and Great Nanny had a drink in the gardens enjoying the sun. I spent a lot of the time running around trying to catch a lively 15 month who just wanted to be where he shouldn't.

Later on Auntie Hannah took Bee out in the garden and they had fun with her camera spending time taking pictures.
A wonderful if exhausting day - love to have them but it is always nice to kiss them goodbye and settle back into the quite of just hubby and I.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Home Thoughts - My First Post

Ok then here we go my very first blog post. My friend Ann has had hers up and running for a while and now that I have returned from my holiday in the States I have put my mind towards getting my blog set up. All the while I was away my thoughts kept coming back to home and I love the poem that Robert Browing wrote to Elizabeth Barratt Browning -"Home Thoughts From Abroad" plus it is the title of one of my daughter and mine's favourite songs by Clifford T Ward and so decided to call my blog by the name of the poem and song.
As I said I have just returned from over two weeks in the USA and have had a marvelous time antiquing and visiting flea markets with my cousins. As usual went out with three cases (full of goodies for them) and came back with four!!!! Husband was convinced we were not going to get all my acquisitions back home safely but after much manouvering and with sheer determination I got them home and will be offering some of my wonderful finds in my shops in the very near future.