Monday, 26 October 2009


At the moment I feel like one of those plate spinners at the circus. We put the house on the market and it sold within weeks, which is great but it left us with nowhere to go. We have spent the last few weekends looking at other people’s homes with the hope that one of them might turn into ours. Finally many houses and viewings later we have found a wonderful old house that used to be the village bike shop which is full of the quirky little things that make a home to me, we put an offer on it and had it accepted and we are hopefully going to be moving.... Yippee. Only one thing our purchasers buyer is in rental and wants to be in before Christmas – well how many weeks is that away........... For goodness sake I have a three story house to pack up – and a three story house packed to the gunnels with little doo dads...... Anyone out there any good with the bubble wrap!!!

At the same time our youngest daughter is also spreading her wings and moving out into the big wide world with her boyfriend and she is moving on Friday. Dad will be helping with that one as I am at work. Like me she is a collector so at the moment her packed boxes are spilling out all over the place.  This is her first time away from home and we are busy ticking things off the to do list.

Ann and I are having a bike at the local bike bazaar this Saturday as a way of giving out flyers to potential visitors to our Vintage and Homemade Fair which is the following Saturday. I am busy pricing, creating and generally tearing my hair out. All this plus working too - OK only part time but working none the less.

Too say my life is hectic is an understatement

Today just to do something that wasn’t to do with moving or the house I went antiquing. Had a few hours to myself just wandering around a couple antique centres and came up with some items for the bike bazaar and some for the fair.  I love the cake decorations especially the little girl on the rocking horse.  My poor bride is without her groom and I actaully collect wedding dolls so can see her going into my collection, in fact can see three of them going into the collection - so much for downsizing....

My treasure of the day has to be the Carlton Ware Crinoline Lady condiment set she is so pretty. Poor old dear has been knocked clean in half on her waistline and glued together in a way that can only be described as very badly. Luckily my father-in-law is a restorer and he will be able to sort her out and make her look good again. Mind you even with the damage I love her and she will look great on my dresser once she is all better again.

Monday, 12 October 2009


I have been looking for something to display some of my items on at the Vintage and Home Made Fair and have been looking out for some old shelves to paint up.  I have been backwards and forwards to the various tips in our area and have not been able to find anything that really appeals to me. 
Day off from work "I know" I thought "I wll take another trip to the tip", once again nothing and then out of the corner of my eye and shoved up in a corner I saw it - just the thing.

The most marvellous old trunk - "How much" I asked trying to keep the excitement out of my voice, don't want him to think I am too eager, "£5.00 to you" he said.  Well you have never seen a girl get money out her purse so quickly.  To top it all he even helped me carry it to my car and put it in my trunk....

I could not believe it when I opened it it still has its drawers and original coathangers.

Unfortuantely when I opened the trunk the fabric holding the backing was rotton and it started to rip but two hinges later, a good clean up with wax and it has taken on a new lease of life.

It is a standing joke that when I go on holiday I go with one suitcase and always come back with two but I think I have solved the problem....

Mind you I dont think hubby will be too impressed when I ask him to carry it for me!!!!

Friday, 9 October 2009


In my previous blog I mentioned that I was in for a busy few days and that Ann & I were having a stall at the Abington Antiques & Collectors Fair in Northampton.

Poor old Ann had a nasty headcold and it was touch and go whether she would be well enough to do it but like the trooper she is she pitched up at 8am with tissues to the ready.  Just as well as she had the cloths for the table......

We have not had a stall at this particular fair this year and were mobbed when we got there by the dealers as we always have lots of lovely vintage goodies that the other stall holders don't seem to sell.  Have you ever done a car boot sale where the dealers are standing over to you whilst you unpack, well this was the same thing.  Mind you I am not moaning as managed to do half my sales in the first few minutes.......and they did not knock me down....

One of our favourite sellers at the fair is Julie who sells lots of lovely vintage jewellery and vanity items
Here she is busy chatting to one of her customers.  Both Ann and I noticed some lovely old milliner's flowers on her stall and we both rushed to purchase some.

The faded colours are just wonderful and I am really pleased with how they look displayed.  I also found a little green glass art deco glass vase to put them in which matched another that I had - so now I have a pair - great.

If you want to see pictures of our stall please check out Ann's blog Vintage At The Corner House which you can find on my side bar.

We handed out lots of flyers for our forthcoming Vintage Fair on the 7th November and it looks like we are getting a lot of interest.  Whilst we were there two of the ladies that have booked stalls  came and introduced themselves - it is so nice to put a face to a name.  Welcome on board ladies.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Had a busy couple of days - Ann and I had a stall on Saturday at the Abington Antique and Collectables fair and I knew I had lots to do to get ready for it but instead on Friday I took the time out to have a wander around the 1,000's of stalls at the Peterborough Festival of Antiques. For those of you who have never been it is absolutely HUGE.... I consider myself to be a SHOPPER but I have yet to get all the way round it and usually give up defeated. You really need two days to do it all properly.

Whilst there I bumped into the Bargain Hunt crew and Tim Wonacott was busy discussing the teams buys with them. Hubby strategically placed himself in the camera's way for his two seconds of fame.....

There is just so much to see and buy but I feel that the prices were a little high, although so saying I did manage to finds some little treasures - how unusual.....

This great basket, which I kept bumping into people with and the wonderful old tin sea side bucket were my favourite finds.

Also found these old Christmas cake decorations, just to let me know that Christmas is on its way. I have displayed them with some Christmas pictures that I have made for our November fair.

I also found some Christmas presents - but they will have to remain a secret as the people they are for could read this blog - no peeking until Christmas!!!!!