Thursday, 20 February 2014

An Homage to Charlie

Last year we lost my step-father-in-law, he had a massive stroke and sadly passed away in November.  He fancied himself as a bit of a wheeler dealer in the world of antiques. Many years ago he used to sell on the Portabello Road in London.  By the time he came into our lives those days had gone but he still collected - mostly what I would class as rubbish but which he saw as treasures - one mans meat is another mans' poison as they say.  After he died it fell to the family to clear out his room, which was full to the gunnels with STUFF.  One thing he did have was lots and lots and lots of wooden picture frames, some of which were quite good,

I took some to sell at the booth and looking through them decided that actually it would be nice to have something to remember him by and so when we decided to clean up and decorate the bathroom (more about that fiasco some other time)I thought I would use some in there.

I am quite pleased how it turned out and every time I have a bath now I look at them and smile as amongst all his stuff was a few pieces that I could use - thanks Charlie.