Tuesday, 9 July 2013


After last weeks tidy up at Most Marvellous I decided to set to and tidy up my office workroom.  I share this space with hubby - well he shares it with me he has a tiny space for his computer and I have the rest of the room.....  He will tell you I often spill out into his few inches as well which drives him to distraction.

When we moved the rooms around last year our spare bedrom became the office and we moved the the spare room into what had been our office I managed to pickup a set of pidgeon hole thingies (not sure what they are called) which had come out of a school and these are invaluable for storing some of my bits and bobs on.

The Shelves were rescued from a skip at work - I was caught by my manager skip dipping for these but it was worth the comments as they are just so handy and I store my magazines and rolls of off cuts of materials in them.

The desk was bought for my grandson from the Vintage Jumble to sit at in the office when he comes over  but I have to admit that he really does not get a look in with yet another collection of my childrens school samplers, old typewriter complete with typewriter ribbon tin and postcards and ATC's made for me by friends

Finally I have my boxes full of papers, ephemera and general junk, I won't show you my computer desk as yes you have guessed it I have spread over into hubbies side and it is still a mess....

Talking about the Vintage Jumble I will be there on the 20th July at St Matthews in Northampton  with lots of sellers, I think there are going to be some outside stalls there this year as well so head on over and grab yourself a bargain or two or maybe even three or four.....


  1. Aw how fab. I love that you went skip diving for the shelves! Popping by as a friend of Hannah's and can't wait to see your Facebook page up and running! :)

  2. This has just popped up at the top of my list of blogs, but the date of your post says 9 July 2013!
    How did I miss this???
    Anyhoooo - hope you are both well and hope to see you at Market Harborough or St Matthews; hopefully before 20 July!!
    Z xx

    1. Hi there. This is Debbies daughter Hannah. Mum asked me to give her blog a makeover so currently I am updating the whole thing as she was unhappy with its look. I have created a new banner and I have even made her take that scary step of signing up to facebook to not only help her blog but to help her ETSY shop as well. Bare with us while I get her blog looking wonderful and new and I am sure she will be posting new things ASAP. I think currently she is having a break down to all that I have bombarded her with. Until then take a peek at her new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Wants-Not-Needs/219196734951068?fref=ts

      Also I shall do some shamless blog promotion. Check mine blog page out too: www.allofmydayswithyou.blogspot.com


  3. Hi Hannah! We have met at the Fairs & Bicycle Bazaar; you possibly remember me as Zoe!!
    Ooo, intrigued...have followed the fb page as Sue Lewis (oh God, don't ask!!)
    Will check out your blog too!
    Z xx

    1. Hi Zoe, goodness me I am so much better at faces than names. Next time I am at a fair with mum come remind me haha.

      Yep lots of changes for mum. I really wanted to help her boost her shop views on ETSY so said that she needs to get back on to blogger and take that step and join facebook. So for now I shall leave her getting to grips with Facebook.

      What do you think to her new blog banner? I am really pleased with what I came up with.



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