Thursday, 26 July 2012


When my sister was a child she just loved westerns and cowboys and now as I get older  I find myself looking back at the more innocent times with nostalgia and remember playing at Cowboys and Indians in the fields with friends down by the river in Oxford where I lived for a short time.

I picked this child's chair up from a skip some time ago and it has been stuck in my shed taking up room ever since.  The other day I needed to find my sun lounger in the said shed and after removing half the clutter to get to it I came across the little chair.  As the weather was so good I decided to have a go at doing something with it.

I had picked up a piece of vintage cowboys theme material at the Vintage Jumble in Northampton on Saturday and knew straight away that I would do something with a cowboy theme in honour of my sister and her love of all things cowboy.

I roughly painted up the chair, I wanted to give it a worn home on the range look,  and the started cutting into my vintage western comics to decoupage the back.  I made up a cushion out of the material and then used some vintage alphabet letters to pick out the word COWBOY.

Unfortunately the pictures are not the best as I took them in bright sunshine but I think you get the idea.  I will probably take this along to the Olney Fair on the 4th August as I like to sell my handmade alongside vintage at the fairs.

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