Saturday, 6 March 2010


Now I know that spring is coming – I went to my first car boot sales for this year. I actually got there late it was almost over – that will teach me not to take any notice of the time put on the notice boards. You would think by now I should know the ropes!!! But this was a new one to me.

Even though a lot of the sellers were beginning to pack up I still managed to find some great items that others had not seen.

Wonderful old Victorian china featuring some lovely cherubs and angels and an extremely pretty dressing table dish with roses on it.

My youngest daughter who had come with me and had passed the items by has decided they will look great on her stall at the Vintage and Home Made Fair and so no sooner had I shown them to her she had snaffled them off me with a plaintive cry of “They would look great on my stall, just what I need”. So what is a Mum to do but to hand them over.

Other finds included a wonderful old Chad Valley “Race to London” game which is complete and a Wills Cigarette card album which was full of the Roses and Wild Flower cards which I use all the time in my artwork and which I put with my jewellery. I always struggle with it, I  know it is a terrible thing but I have taken the cards out ready for my use and cannot wait to put them together in some way.
On my return home I noticed a jumble sale sign – again this was nearly over but I did manage to pick up this wonderful old Alfred Meakins Crinoline lady trio.

As the white rabbit said” I’m late, I’m late for a very important date..............” I really must be more organised next time.


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  1. Looks like you found some lovely bits.You were lucky to find the cigarette cards.
    Ann x


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