Tuesday, 30 March 2010


One of my passions – of which I have many is for children’s illustrators – especially American ones. I have quite a collection of pictures and prints on my walls of little cuties and was so pleased when on my trip to Peterborough Antique Fair on Friday I came across a large pair of Charles Twelvetrees signed and numbered prints which I just fell in love with.

The trouble was where to put them, “Don’t forget Debbie you have down sized” my brain told me... “What the heck I’ll find somewhere for them” said my heart. Guess which one won.

I have just propped them up along the hall wall for now but think I will have them up the stairs.

Whilst making my purchases and on the same stall I also fell for an American felted young lady that was standing on a shelf. Now to find her somewhere permanent to live my dog is not impressed with her perched on his back.


  1. I couldn't have resisted either!
    I tell visitors to my house that pictures stacked against the wall are a deliberate design statement :)

  2. Love your felted doll Deb and the pictures are very you !
    Ann x

  3. I can see why you couldnt resist them!! So cute!!

    Sharon xx

  4. Oh my.........sooooo cute! Love that dolly!

    Warm blessings,

  5. Hi what lovely pictures. I am really pleased with the gift tags I bought from you and am now following your blog
    Best wsihes
    Sue x

  6. I bought the same print of the little girl with knitting needles and bag. Do you have any additional information on this print....name...date....etc?


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