Monday, 21 June 2010


We had such a lovely Father's Day, we spent it with my eldest daughter, son-in-law-to be and the grandchildren. As it was such a lovely day before dinner we decided to take the children to our local Pocket Park.

Grandpa with the children on the bridge after playing Pooh sticks - don't let him fall grandpa!!

Wonderful water lillies on the pond

On the hunt for pine cones

After all the running around too tired to walk home "Carry me daddy" although son-in la-to be to be looked like he was more pooped than little man.
When we got home Bee put the wildflowers we had collected into a jug - I think they look so pretty as good as any bunch you can buy - if not better as they were picked with love.


  1. LOVELY pics!!!!
    Glad you had a great day and HELLO...CONGRATS AND GOOD LUCK for the new venture! When our car gets better I'll come and visit you!!! Let me know if you need any help with anything hun xx
    Have a great weekend Debs
    Annie xx

  2. Bit behind here, but wishing you all the bestest wishes for your stall at Jodys'. It's great there, isn't it. Want to come and visit-SOON-but not getting out of the house that easily. But I'm there in Spirit, rooting through all the loveliness, honest!!
    Z xx
    PS Glad you had a great day out for FD, lovely pictures and great memories.


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