Saturday, 19 June 2010


Over time Ann and I have talked about branching out and having a booth in one of our local antique centre, then we have another coffee and decide yes we will - IN THE FUTURE - The opportunity has now presented itself.  Northampton has had an antique centre for many years but I have to say it has been a bit behind the times and not really been a place you would want to spend too much time in or your pennies in.  It is now under new leadership and has new dealers who are selling the kind of items that I want to buy, vintage and retro and everyone is very excited about the new venture and so we decided to see whether we could get on board and luckily Joe the guy that is now running it accepted us and so Vintage Wants will be having a new venue    As from Sunday 27th June (after setting up) Vintage Wants can be found there.
On Thursday Ann and I went and took photos of the area we will be selling from and decided what the booth should look like, we were like a couple of schoolgirls, giggly with excitement, we had finally done it.  Sadly Ann has a very heavy workload - she is the one with the very responsible job - and after a lot of anguish has decided that at this time she cannot give it the time and effort it needs to make it a success and so I am going to do this  ALONE!!!  We are still going to do our joint venture of the shows and Ann will still sell in the on-line shop and on Etsy but the booth is all mine.

With that in mind I suddenly thought oh my goodness do I have enough stock for a booth on my own and so had a frantic rush around the car boot this morning.  Found some goodies that are going to make their way into the booth and also some for my Etsy shop.

Great old three tier trolley that I will keep, my old one will go for display in the booth - just need to get the paint on it.  Old Pedigree doll and 1950's childrens book.  Sewing basket,
Double string pearl necklace, floral china brooch, pretty art deco glass pot with enamel lid and a pretty little cup and saucer.

A set of handpainted Crinoline lady plates and the most wonderful butterfly wing Crinoline lady picture totally original and untouched.

Anyone who knows me knows I love flowers and Roses are no exception and I found these lovely bits of china that I know will look great in the booth.

Whilst I was doing my wandering I met my new neighbour in the next booth to me who was also on the hunt for stock - talk about its a small world out of all the 100's of people that were there I bumped into him - without even knowing who he was we got chatting at a stallholder that I knows stall and lo and behold - neighbours.

Anyway that is my new venture - my knees are shaking and I am very nervous but sure that things will be OK, if you are in Northampton why not pop in and take a peek. 


  1. Great finds Deb, I love the crinoline lady plates. I am excited for you with your new venture, you know I am there for you and will help in any way I can.
    Ann x

  2. So exciting! Very best of luck with it! Becky :-)

  3. How exciting for you, good luck with the new venture, love the rose plates.

  4. I wish you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much luck with your new venture- although your stock is gorgeous, and should sell itself!
    Let us all know how you get on- I wish you were nearer so I could come visit!

  5. Thanks, Debbie for your lovely comment on my blog. I love the little vinyl rubber dolly - so cute! SueXXX


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