Friday, 2 July 2010


A big thank you to all of you who have e-mailed or commented to wish me luck with the booth it is really very much appreciated.

The hardest thing I am finding is keeping it stocked with new and interesting items, it is a full time job just sourcing new bits and I had a little trip out this morning to my local charity shops and found some wonderful things with my favourite flowers Roses and Violets.

Lovely Violet covered sandwich plate

Wonderful Rose covered bedspread

I nearly ran out the shop with these two wonderful pictures - a 1930's embroidered garden scene and a signed water colour of miniature roses

They are just both very pretty and I would keep them but I have to be strong and stop listening the little devil on my shoulder whispering "keep them, keep them, go on you know you want to"....


  1. That "keep them keep them" whisper is the bane of all dealers!
    I love violet china too and have a whole teaset in 1920s violets- it was one time when the "keep them keep them" whisper won!

    Glad it's going well,

  2. Great finds Deb, can't wait to see them close up.
    Ann x

  3. Hello, i'm your vintage swap partner (Tilly Rose's Vintage Swap). Think we've been paired up because we're both in Midlands area (ish!) I've left my email on your 'Vintage Wants' site. Speak to you soon.
    Victoria xxx

  4. thankyou for your kind comment.
    I had hoped in 20 years it might be getting a bit easier!
    Guess we're just as soft as eachother.


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