Sunday, 11 July 2010


We had my eldest daughter's family hen night at the house last night and I have to admit to feeling a little under the weather this morning and lay in much longer than I would usually - I had a cold compress pressed to my head and could be found under the covers muttering about feeling a tad under the weather.

I had previously arranged  that we would visit Ravensthorpe's NGS Open Day which is the next village up to us and so pulled myself out of bed and off we set. Iin the heat of the miday sun I found myself singing  "Mad Fools and Englishmen...." as we wandered around the village.  Mind you it was nice to do something that was not to do with the shop and of course there are lovely gardens to visit but I have to admit it was hard going and we kept trying to find shady spots to cool off in.

Cana Lillies by the lake

Cannot help wondering what is behind the door

How is that for a tidy veggie patch, hubby
 managed to come away with some leeks from there
Arrived home absolutely pooped out  and then just sat and read for the rest of the afternoon.

Now for something a little different, this little set of shelves has been up the side of the yard in Northampton Antiques for ages and eveyone who has tried to buy it has been told that they were not for sale as the gent that owned them was picking them up as he no longer had a booth there.  They have been picked up and put down so many times by disappointed buyers.  Anyway I commented that I wish he would take them away as they were just so lovely only to be told actually they were now for sale... Needless to say hand went into purse and I made the purchase.  I am going to paint them and I have just the place for them on my wall in the office.  Result


  1. Lovely photos especially as your'e 'under the weather'!x

  2. You lucky thing, I can't believe you got those shelves !
    Ann x

  3. Hope you feel better now! Love the pics of the gardens, lots of hard work has gone on there!
    Those shelves are gorgeous, they were meant for you!!
    All the best with the wedding preparations : )

    Take care,

    Sharon xx

  4. Lovely, lovely!
    I found you through ted and bunny.
    I'll visit again!

  5. hiya- the shelves were meant to be yours; they were just waiting for you to come along!
    Have a great week


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