Monday, 26 July 2010


Hubby and I always watch the Antique programmes on TV and we are quite addicted to the Antiques Road Trip and he is always saying to me “make a note of where that is” as if we are going to travel the country finding new and wonderful antique centres. Anyway the other day there was one in Warwickshire which is not too far from us – just over an hour or so – and so we decided that we would take some time out before eldest daughter's wedding the following Saturday and  take a trip out to do a little bit of antiquing and have dinner out.

We set of for  Barn Antiques Centre in Long Marston and the first item I saw as I got through the doors was this chap.

Now all our married life we have had a dog that is until a few years ago, but after our last dog Bella died hubby decided that enough was enough. Even though I have begged and implored, tried bribery and wiped the odd tear from my eye hubby refuses to budge on getting a new one until we retire when we stop being so busy - yeh right. He is usually so easy going but on this I cannot move him and so when I saw this old boy he just had to come home with me.

I already have a terrier on wheels that was looking for a doggy companion and so here we have my two dogs that have to take the place of a real one until I retire which will not be anytime soon.I really love his smiley face and my grandchildren will enjoy playing with him and I suppose on the plus side I don’t have to worry about leaving them  when I go away or out for the day.

Anyway back to the Barn Antiques we spent a while pottering around and I made some purchases for the booth and Etsy and then we ended up having a scone with cream at Violetta’s Bistro which is attached to the centre.
It is totally charming and I loved this room where one could sit and partake of lovely things to eat and drink.  How shabby chic is that and of course we finished off with tea and scones, just remembered to take a photograph before tucking in, truth be told it is Hubby's as I had already started on mine - greedy devil that I am.
Scone anyone?


  1. I love your latest doggy addition, I really want one but never see them anywhere. I wouldn't swap Josh for anything but just now he is being a bit of a pain.
    Ann x

  2. Ted is very much a cat person, always worried that with the arrival of a pup, they'd pack their bags and leave (with our cats I think it would be the dog that would leave!) so we've never had one, altho he's often said he would really love an Airedale.
    One year at Christmas I bought him a push-along dog that did look just like an Airedale, and in the spirit of things- actually I think it was after TOO MUCH Christmas spirit- he did take it walkies along the lane!!
    Yes, I know we should get out and socialise more often, but the pills are keeping us calm...;))

  3. While we were away in Suffolk last month, Phillip Serrell and David Barby were filming in Long Melford and the surrounding area for Antiques Road Trip, and best of all they were in a bright red Morris Minor convertable!

    Love the doggy, I would love one too!

  4. It is a lovely place isn't it - I love it too!
    I had a dog like that and cos he was on wheels I called hime Rolley! My mum murdered him when he got left in the rain - so cruel lol!

  5. Thanks to this post, I popped to Barn Antiques yesterday for a mooch as I was passing! And how fab it was too. I enjoyed looking around so much, I'm taking the husband back with me tomorrow with his wallet! Thanks for the tip off! Laura xx


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