Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Spring is my favourite season but it is closely run by autumn with all its showy colours of reds, oranges and yellows  and as I was working in my garden today doing some autumn tidying up I just had to take some photos of the marvellous show the Chrysanthemums that I put in this year are giving me.

They have rewarded me with vases full of blooms that I have put around the house and which give everything such a welcoming look, especially now we have put the clocks back and the early dark evenings are upon us.

Whilst I am talking about gardening I found these wonderful old gardening books which I just could not resist, Mr Cuthbert’s Guide to Growing.
Now I will just take my boots off and thumb through them for a few hints on next year’s garden......


  1. What a lovely colourful post. Your Chrysanthemums are beautiful what a lovely blast of colour to have left in the garden. I would love to leaf through those books they look delightful, are they as colourful inside as they are outside? Enjoy Dee ;-)

  2. The gardening books look great, they would look lovely in a frame. I especially like the sweet pea and rose one. Your chrysanths have done well,the dark pink is gorgeous.
    Ann x

  3. love the colours of both the real blooms and the ones on the book covers x

  4. Those book covers are just beautiful - they would look great framed! Thank you for sharing photographs of your lovely flowers too x


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