Wednesday, 3 November 2010


When I was about 7 or 8 my cousin’s from the USA came over and visited us and I remember them bringing over Casper comics and Juicy Fruit chewing gum – my goodness I had never seen that kind of comic strip comic before and I remember reading them and chewing on the gum – which I was never usually allowed either.  Very exotic to a young girl in the early 1960’s
I visited Lamport Antique & Collectables Fair on Saturday and picked up a few items for my Etsy shop and whilst I was there I saw this little lady standing on a table.  I thought I recognised her and I just loved her little cheeky sideways glance and smile and so I picked her up and brought her home with me.

I thought I would have a little search on Google for her – somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered Casper the Friendly Ghost and low and behold there she was “Little Audrey”.

This young lass (or should I say old girl) was a star in Paramount Pictures cartoons from 1947 until 1958 and then she was later  immortalised in Harvey’s comic strips alongside others such as Casper (I knew I had seen her before). 
I found this little poem from Little Audrey - does she know me or something
Oh, Little Audrey says
"Save for a rainy day."
She saves, but every time it rains
She spends what she puts away. 

Anyway long story short after a little search she is rather a rare little doll and a further search saw one on an Auction site (not Ebay) that has sold for just over $120.00, so my couple of £ investment was money well spent.

I am probably going to put her on Ebay and see how she does but I am not too worried about her selling as she is very sweet and can join my collection of dolls and I will enjoy her for a while.

Funny thing is I can’t stand chewing gum now and never chew it, Mum was right all along “It will give you wind”.... she used to say, I don’t know about that just can’t stand the jaw ache and it is useless for blowing bubbles with!!!


  1. I've never seen that little cutie before ... well found .... forgot about Lamport - we found it by accident one year and enjoyed our visit .... will have to bookmark next years dates I think. I'm not a chewing gum fan either and bubble gum just isn't the same anymore!

  2. ;-)) Shes super cute.. And its funny mum's is always right ;-)) Enjoy your lovely Audrey. Dee x

  3. how funny I felt reading this-
    when I was 7, my cousins visited from USA (my mum's sister was a GI bride) and they were like a strange exotic species!
    Auntie H used to send clothes parcels over to us children and the dresses and skirts were what we would just DIE to find now- full with tiny waists, and totally unwearable really for 7 year old at an English school!

    That was the last time I saw or spoke to my cousin Jeff until 4 years ago when we met at a family wedding, and WOW!! we just loved eachother instantly like no-one else I've ever known.

    Now we go over to stay with him and his wife each spring, and I take them Traditional English gifts- and they say we're like a Rare Breed!!
    (Mary, Jeff's wife has an antique-ing obsession and of COURSE, as a perfect guest I have to indulge her whims!)

  4. Elaine I know exactly what you mean, we never really knew each other as children but now we are adults hubby and I try and go over and visit every year. We have a a great time with them as like us they love antiquing and take us to wonderful places in Pensylvania that is jam packed full of wonderful goodies. Next time you go over you must go down to Lancaster county if you get a chance - it is paradise on earth for people like us.....


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