Tuesday, 30 November 2010


What do you get a man for his birthday who really does not want much (unlike his wife) and who does not really collect anything either.  After much wracking of the old grey matter I came up with an idea.  Hubby has a real interest in WW2 and I bought him a ticket to see the Churchill War Rooms in London which were the underground headquarters of Churchill and the cabinet during the war years.  Based in Westminster these gave me a chance to have a look at good old Big Ben and the wonderful old buildings that surround it.  The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.
Who would have thought what was going on under these wonderful old buildings
It is a most fascinating glimpse of what life was like for the people who worked for Churchill during this time how they lived, worked and slept and under dreadful conditions.  When we walk around today it is clean and quite, back then it must have been dreadful,  smokey (nearly everyone smoked back then) and no fresh air, no sunlight and of course constant noise.  The rooms are all set out as they were when it was being used to plan the strategies of the war.  Also there is a large hands on museum charting the life and times of Winston Churchill.  I can thoroughly recommend it as a trip out even if WW2 is not high on your list of interests – I had the best all day breakfast I have ever had as well.

Whilst we were in London we took a quick trip up to Camden - it was absolutely heaving and  I have to say it was just too much for us oldies  and after a quick wander around the antique area and after I had bought a printers drawer and a few other bits  we decided to head out for home.
As you know I love to collect and I love little bits and pieces the only trouble is they are small and can look lost when trying to display them amongst other larger items.  I find the best thing to show my little goodies off is in printers drawers.  These were used to store the metal letters in that were used in the print.
Here is one that I have on the landing.

This is my latest find in Camden all waiting to be filled up – GREAT AN EXCUSE FOR MORE COLLECTING


  1. Sounds like a great day out. Blimey you have just reminded me that I've got a couple of those printers drawers up in the loft .... I used to keep a thimble collection in them. Now don't go getting me started again ;-)

  2. Have often thought I would like to visit Churchill`s war rooms -I will make sure that goes on my to do list ! Have fun filling up those boxes-good idea as every treasure can be enjoyed seperately !

  3. What a lovely birthday present, sounds and looks like such an interesting place. I love your display ideas. dee ;-) x

  4. I'd love to go the war rooms. I've read a post by another blogger about them aswell and her and her husband really enjoyed their trip too x


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