Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Northampton Winter Vintage and Home Made Fair - Thanks To All

Sorry for delay in showing photograph’s of the fair, I know that I said I would give all of you that could not come lots of photo’s but when I got up on Sunday ready to download them all I pressed the delete button and they all vanished – PANIC!!!

Luckily youngest daughter is a keen photographer and she had taken lot and lots of them and so I have taken them off her card – had to trawl through hundreds but think that these will give you a flavour of what was a great day for both sellers and Ann and myself.

Before the sellers arrived - the quite before the storm

Setting Up

Wonderful goodies on the stalls

We all coveted the shelves but Ann got there first

Let the fair begin - eager customers
Tea and cake

These were the very last of the cakes,  for the first time they all sold out before the fair ended.  Make a note Lesley, more cakes next time!!!

This is just to say a big thank you to all our lovely stall holders and visitors.  Everytime as it gets nearer to the day Ann & I say never again and then we get "You must hold another one" and we roll our eyes and say OK.
See you all in the Spring


  1. lovely pics...and thankyou VERY much for the cake photos!! ;)

  2. Thanks so much to you all for organising the fair - it was great; pity I didn't get chance to sample the cakes; they look gorgeous; but I didn't get out from behind my stall!
    I hope you're planning on doing another in the future,
    Thanks again, Vicki

  3. Wow the hall looks huge when it is empty!! When I was there it was full to the brim with people and goodies.
    I managed to get up to visit the fair for the fist time and it was lovely, thank you. I do hope you had a good day with lots of sales too.
    Sarah x

  4. Hi Debbie, what a brilliant day and an absolute pleasure to be part of it, well done to both you and Ann for all the work you put in to organise it so well, it was in the words of my gromit tea cosie ..'a grand day out' x

  5. Amy and I had an amazing day! Please thank your wonderful hubby for all his help - he was a real treasure! Not forgetting your lovely daughter who was a real love!

  6. Great pics taken by your daughter!! What a great day it was!! When my sister turned up, it gave me a chance to get some cakes while there were some left!! Those jam & cream scones were scrummy!!
    As Annie said above, thanks to your 'other half' for all his help, and also to you & Ann for organising the event! Loved the first one in November last year, decided to 'go for it' & have a stall in January, really enjoyed Saturday, and looking forward to the next one!!
    Need to get sewing & Vintage hunting now!!

    Sharon xx

  7. Another great fair - a big well done to you and Ann, lots of people said what a lovely atmosphere there was Linda xx


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