Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Although I am up to my eyes in it preparing for the fair, pricing stock and making tags as well as acting as labourer for hubby who has been busy decorating the lounge I was determined that it was not going to be all work and no play for me this weekend.

Earlier this year I bought four Chrysanthemum plants for autumn colour,  they were really baby plants when I put them in but rather like Topsy they have grown and grown and have rewarded me with the most wonderful display of flowers some of which I picked for the house.  We visited my sister for a quick cup of coffee and collected the last of the pears off the tree from her garden. 
I have been busy making more Christmas tags as these always sell well and I try to do different ones every year so that people don’t see the same items from me.
The highlight of the weekend was seeing my lovely granddaughter in her first dance production.  Bee has always loved dancing and singing (she is  a right little performer in every way!!!)  Eldest daughter thought it would be a good idea to channel her interest properly instead of her dancing around the living room and she enrolled her in the Limelight Theatre School in Northampton.  How proud her Grandpa and I were, I found myself with tears in my eyes and not just when watching her dance, some of the little ones were just so sweet.   Bee did so well, being tiny she was one of the smallest in her class but she held her own  and threw herself into the moves tapping and jazz dancing her way  across the stage.  Unfortunately we could not take any photos or video but the memory of her face filled with determination, with her tongue between her teeth as she remembered the dance moves will stay will me always.  
The little Prima Donna posing
This wonderful child size chair was found in a reclamation shop and is for the grandchildren to fight over when they come to visit.  I could not resist it even though we have no real room for it I have managed to squeeze it in.
Finally I never get over the generosity and warmth that comes from people in Blogland I was busy making yet more tags this morning and postie knocked on the door and handed me a parcel.  I could not believe it when I opened it and a lovely thoughtful funny gift was revealed.  Carol from SarahCarolMakes who is having a stall at our fair on Saturday had sent me a handbag mirror and badge - I think she is trying to tell me something....
Thank you so much Carol - I will wear the badge on Saturday with pride whilst touching up my lippie in the mirror!!!


  1. oh I think I'm going to have that as my motto from now on!

  2. The stock looks fantastic!! Oh I'm really Gutted I cant come to this fair,,I've been to all of them and feels so weird not having a stall let alone not even visiting!!! Wishing you all the best hunny x x
    SWOONING over your God bless our home sign too!!! Lemme know if you ever come across any more religious signs like that hun x
    Your granddaughter looks BEautiful too...how proud you must have been x x
    Annie x

  3. Like Annie, I'm feeling not quite right at knowing I am going to miss your fair, but just sending you my bestset wishes for tomorrow. Have a brilliant day!
    Z xx

  4. Thanks to all who have e-mailed or blogged me wishing Ann & I good luck fgor the fair tomorrow. For those of you that cannot join us we will take lots of photos. Or is that rubbing salt in the wound!!!

  5. Hi Debbie
    Thank you for a super day out yesterday, Hubby definitely enjoyed the cake!! You and Ann must have worked so hard to organise such a lovely fair, it was perfect and a lovely atmosphere. See you again soon.
    Jo xx

  6. thanks for a super fair Debbie! My mum and I really enjoyed it. You and Ann worked very hard, not to mention the pretty blonde girl and the very helpful man who helped me unload and re-load the car. Are they your daughter and husband? I didn't get chance to ask as I was so busy setting up and then ohh and ahhing over everybody's gorgeous stalls x

  7. Hi Amy, Glad you both enjoyed it, it is so nice to put faces to names and yes the helpful man is hubby and the blond girl is youngest daughter.


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