Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Hubby took to me to Kent at the weekend as part of my birthday treat and I had a whale of a time trolling through charity and antique shops with the idea of buying some lovely items for the fair in October.  Probably cannot say the same for him.   He does not really share my passion although he is getting pretty good at picking out things that might be suitable, he still spends most of the time standing outside the charity shops after he has checked out the DVD’s and CD’s
Thought you might like to have a sneak preview of some of my finds
Mini barbolla mirror, chalkware wall planter, cute deco dog, embroidered handbag and pretty tin picture frame.
1930's glassware.
Deco picture frames.
Crinoline lady embroidered fire screen.
Last but not by any means least a luscious plump eiderdown.
All these are set to come to the Vintage and Home Made Fair with me.
Just to show that it was not all shopping and me, me, me,  hubby has a real passion for steam trains and we visited Tenterton which has a great steam railway. How's that for a set of luggage
Like sitting in an armchair apart from the fact it was rock hard.

At the end of the line is Bodium Castle and I think he was trying to get even with me as he made me climb the very,  verysteep stairs up to the top of the tower – my legs killed me for days after that. 

                         Mind you I still managed to carry on shopping - now isn't that a suprise.

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  1. You've got some lovely things for the Fair. Sadly, I will be away that Saturday. Can you believe it, don't do anything for months and then everything clashes? Mind you, I will be with you in spirit and hopefully will have got to Totnes market on the Friday, so may well be basking in the glow of vintage goodies!!
    Take care,
    Z xx


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