Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Once upon a time there was a very, very old bear that had belonged to a little girl who had grown up and was now known to her family as “Old Nanny”.    Old bear now lived with a new owner “Old Nannies” daughter known to her family as “Nanny”.
This little bear had been much loved and like his owner was not feeling as young as he once was. His fur was a little threadbare, he had a scar on his tummy where he had once had an operation to put back his stuffing and his eyes were not as bright as they once were – in fact they weren’t at all what they had once been!!! As an even older nanny had replaced his original eyes with blue buttons many, many years ago when "old nanny" was still a girl during the war.

Like his owner he was feeling like a new look would be in order and so he had a word with his owner “nanny” and asked her if in all her boxes of lovely things she might just have something that would suit him and give him the lift he needed.  Nanny searched through her boxes, and believe me she has a lot of boxes to sort through and found to bears delight a knitted three piece suit that another grandmother had lovingly knitted many years ago for either her grandchild’s doll or teddy and showed it to old bear.

“Oh my goodness” he said trying it on “This is just the thing, the blue even matches my eyes, how lucky is that”.

Now bear is not feeling quite so dowdy and he is now getting some admiring looks from other dolls and bears that Nanny owns.  Nanny hopes they don’t all start asking for new outfits.


Explanation of Nannies
Nanny - Me
Old Nanny - My Mum
Even Older Nanny - My Nan - Old Nannies Mum
Hope this helps and does not confuse even more of my readers.


  1. I lost the plot on the various 'nannies' but am so happy that this venerable bear has found his sartorial heaven among a new generation of nursery inhabitants.

  2. aww what a lovely story. He looks very grand now ;-) I have an old bear very smiliar and he has no ears now but i love him just the same and im 39 now ;-) Your never to old to love a bear ;-) Dee x

  3. just wondering if I could knit Ted (hubby) a pale blue suit...;-)

  4. Elaine - I do not see why not but would hate to think how much wool you would use!!!

  5. Very dapper (wolf whistles).
    Keep him nice and warm too, now the weather is getting a bit (very) chilly.
    Z xx

  6. Hello Debbie,
    how many beautiful things that you
    harvest, I like your blog, it is very
    Interestingly, I often come to visit.
    I'll wait for my!
    Hello Susy

  7. It's just the thing for these newly chilly days & he looks very dapper too!


  8. Such a lovely story, and he looks such a dapper little man in his new suit.
    Jo xx


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