Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I remember when I was a child I could not wait for my birthday to come around as that would mean I was getting older and would be able to make more decisions for myself without my parent’s interference. Well guess what now I am older I wish I was younger and had the body I had when I was 18, the face that did not have any wrinkles, frown marks and bags under my eyes, the hair that was still blond and not died to cover the grey. The only good thing at my age about birthdays is the presents; yes I am still young enough at heart to get excited about those.

Being a Virgo is a bit of a pain as everything has to be just right and my family always moan and tell me how hard I am to buy for but this year the family did me proud I received some lovely gifts – although mother does not quite get it and moaned about buying me – as she puts it - TAT, thanks mum I love the tea tin and it is not TAT!!!

Firstly my new bear and his friends, the tiny one is actually a cake decoration.  Hubby bought the bear,  sister bought the googly eyed doll and youngest daughter the miniature.

The childs whicker basket I am going to use to put the post in rather than leaving it on the table - well that is the plan - I told you I'm a Virgo and everything has to go in a place.
Now to show you some of the kitchenalia I received
A great three tier cake tin, the TAT tea tin (love it Mum) and my novelty budgie egg timer.  These all fit on my shelf that is in my kitchen which is full of cream and green kitchenalia - seems like I have another collection.
Finally Mum bought me these two lovely 1930's necklaces which I absolutely adore - which made her feel better about the tin.
These are just the vintage items I received, I also got lots of lovely smellies, chocies and useful bits an in order to be organised for 2011 my friend bought me Cath Kidstons 2011 diary.  Now to put in all my dates.
Now for something completely different I have decided that my table at the fair is going to have a mixture of vintage and handmade and to that effect I have had to put my creative head on - I have a long way to go but Ihave made a couple of things
Garden shadow box

Two altered bottles.
As I said just a start but I have a week off work I am going to Kent for a birthday treat for a long weekend and intend having a crafting week for the rest of the time - that is in between trying to catch up with the housework.....


  1. Wow what beautiful gifts Happy birthday. I love the bear and the tins. Im a Virgo as well i kow just what you mean about everything having to be just so and in its place ;-) I love your bottles that you have made very unique and very glamorous ;-))

  2. I also have a September birthday this w/e - but requested no presents when asked by MR EM and my dear children. Honestly I have EVERYTHING I need. But then I got sensible and realised Mmmn - new boots would be nice. And maybe that new miracle cream from Clarins, and that V&A book, and...I love birthdays. Just stop counting the years and start counting the pressies! ( Ooops, did I say that out loud?)

  3. Happy Birthday hun!! I just celebrated my 32nd last Fridayand got some great pressieswhich when I finish back log of orders I can blog about too!!!! you got some great pressies!!! Hope you enjoy your celebrations x x x
    Will miss you all at the fair this year :-(

  4. Wow, you got some great birthday presents!
    My Mom's got that Tala cake tin, she brings it down from the shelf occasionaly to hint that she wants me to make some treats to fill it! ha
    Love your makes, especially that Garden shadow box, absolutely gorgeous!!
    Hope you had a great birthday,
    Laura xx

  5. Happy Birthday! What beautiful presents. My husband is a Virgo so I know what you mean...!Linda x


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