Tuesday, 11 May 2010


We are now on the coast at Santa Cruz and today took a trip up the shore line to Monterey.

We visited all the tourist spots, Cannery Row, made famous by the author John Steinbeck which no longer cans sardines but cans the tourist instead with shops and eateries.
After stopping off there we decided to take a walk around the coastline to Fishermans Wharf, again this was rather touristy (what do I expect it is a tourist destination after all)....

Round by the wharf this gull was tucking into a roll that was nearly as big as he was.  You can almost see the glint in his eye daring you to come and get it at your peril.
The walk around to the Wharf was quite a way but it was well worth it as we suddenly heard a very loud honking noise, we looked over to the sea and this is what we saw.

There were hundreds of seals basking on the rocks.  Apparantly they are Harbour Seals and they were taking in the spring sun,

Room for one more..... There were actually four of them sunning themselves on this tiny little rock.  I don't know what you think but sometimes nature beats man made hands down.


  1. It looks beautiful Deb, the sea and sky are so blue. Sounds like you are having fun, I am just getting ready to go work ! Look forward to your next installment. Got the bag you wanted by the way.
    Ann x

  2. gorgeous gorgeous. . .enjoy!


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