Sunday, 9 May 2010


Now then I am sure you are thinking to yourselves what the heck that does not look much like good old blighty and you would be right I have flown across the Atlantic, across the USA and we are in Northern California.

We are going to be travelling around a bit and I will try and show you some pictures and let you know what I am doing and what finds I come across, so welcome to my holiday trip, join me if you want.

Our first port of call is a little old town called San Juan Bautista. It sits slap bang on the San Andreas fault line but we were fine and did not feel even a hint of a tremor. It has the oldest mission in California and is a very quaint place plus it is filled with the kind of shops I just love.  If you follow me through the door I will take you on a small tour of the town.

San Juan Mission

The gardens of a wonderful Mexican restaurant The Plaza Hotel where the ladies of the night would stand on the balcony.
I had to laugh when I saw these two chickens - reminds me of the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road".  This pair were obviously playing chicken with the cars that were going up and down the road.
How is this for a jacket, I just could not resist it, it was in a second hand shop for $12.00 and fitted me a treat so that was buy number one and then I came across a wonderful set of floral shaped bead necklace with matching earrings which I will put in the shop on my return.


  1. Hi Deb, what a surprise, waking up to you ! It's great to hear how you are getting on and seeing where you are staying. It looks lovely and very sunny. The jacket is gorgeous and as you say 'so you'. I will get you a copy of the mag, do you want the same bag as mine or the one with the 'pop flowers' design ? Anyway keep us posted as often as you can manage.
    Ann x

  2. Wow, that was a surprise to read! That jacket is fab. Lucky you, what a find!
    Enjoy your trip.
    Z xx

  3. hi- we're flying back home from South Carolina this evening- had 2 weeks out here staying with family, been to Washington, New York and Virginia Beach.
    Bought lots of goodies too, so can't wait to unpack everything.
    Have a really fab trip and see you back in blighty!


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