Friday, 14 May 2010


Nobody told me it would be be bloody freezing in friend said just bring shorts and tee shirts so unlike me that usually packs for England I did as I was told.  Just as welll I bought that jacket as it was the only thing between me and frost bite - I exaggerate slightly but it was darn cold.Apparantly Carmel has a foggy season which happens to be May.  The fog rolls off the sea and sits on the mountain behind and cannot  go anywhere and does not burn off. 

On the way through to the town we paid a visit to the Carmel Mission which has been lovingly restored and is well worth a visit.

The gardens to the mission were very peaceful and we sat for a while just taking in the tranquility of it all.

As for Carmel after an hour of wandering around what is a very qaint smalll town that is filled with tourist shops - very expensive tourist shops I might add - we decided that the car would be a warmer option and we hopped back in and drove up the coast line to the Big Sur.  We will come back later we thought, hopefully by then it might be warmer.....

As well as being foggy it was extremmely windy and I risked being blown over the top every time I got out to take a photo, I risked life and limb to have this photo taken, back a bit, back a bit....

Hubby sat inside ther car for most of the journey, well he is the driver, heater on full blow,  not for him the bitter cold - his little knobbly knees had only just warmed up.  I must say the views were worth it with the crashing waves and sea mists making for an atmospheric journey and when we got to the Big Sur the sun came out which meant we could stop and have a coffee in the sun and warm up properly.

As for Carmel we waved at it  on our return through the fog as we drove by - never even got to see Clint!!!!

Looking at the weather forecast  itis not warming up any time soon and as we have a cabin waiting for us in Yosemite which is in the 80's we have decided to head on up there a day early, will see you there.


  1. Lovely photos but if I didn't know any better I would think it was North Devon, where I live. We often get sea mists and lots of wind!

  2. It Looks lovely but enjoy the sunshine when you get to Yosemite.
    Ann x

  3. Hope you enjoy your extended stay- when is your flight due back?
    I packed cashmere and roll necks for NY fearing the cold, ended up in an unseasonal heatwave and had to buy t-shirts. You just can't win can you!

  4. Due to BA deciding to choose this week to go on strike, the first flight we have been able to get out is on Monday evening the 24th which will get us back in on Tuesday at around 1pm, volcanic ash permitting of course!!!
    We are going to have to stay in San Francisco for another day, oh well it could be worse.


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