Friday, 23 April 2010


For those of you who follow my blog you will know that I have moved into a house that used to be the bicycle shop in the village.

As the sun has begun to shine we have turned our attention to the garden and have been busy planting and sorting out. I had noticed that there were some old planks of wood by the side of the shed and pulled them out to put in the wood pile. I turned them over and noticed that they appeared to have some writing on them. On closer inspection I gave a huge shout of “bloody hell Del look what I have found !!!”. The two pieces of wood were the original sign that would have gone over the door of the shop. You can make out the W.W. and the B of Blincow can just be made out, this is together with the remains of the words “Gents” and “Bicycle”.
As you can imagine I was so excited I gave them as gentle a clean up as I could without removing any of the paint that was remaining and then armed with nails and a hammer got hubby to pin the sign to the garden fence.

I am not sure that he was as impressed as I was – I did hear the mutter “I don’t want the garden filling up with junk” this was followed by a defeated sigh as he struck the top of the nail. Has he not looked around and seen what I have done so far.....


  1. They are fab and they look great.

  2. That is a great find, I would have loved that. Dont think I will be finding anything so nostalgic as I live on a modernish Wimpy estate !!
    Enjoy your sign
    Sue x

  3. What a great find , I would have been just as excited. Could you put a coat of varnish or something on them to preserve the paint ?
    Ann x

  4. It's just PERFECT- now. . .an old bicycle with the basket filled with flowers. . .?

  5. What a lucky find.I would certainly have been excited by such a find and like you would have wanted to use it somewhere in the garden.
    take care

  6. What a wonderful find ... :0)

    Shirl x


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