Saturday, 10 April 2010


When I was 36 I threw in the towel with my boring office job and went to back college full time to learn horticulture. I had the time of my life as a full time mature student, this time an equal with the tutor so could voice an opinion and soaking up all the knowledge that I could was just a blast. I had the confidence to change courses three times until I found one that suited me and I even received the Student of the Year award for Garden Centre – goodness knows how...

The garden in the new house is tiny compared to the 180 foot that we used to have, it is more of a large yard than a garden. I will not miss the maintenance as it took so much of our time up but this one needs to have some work done on it. Lots of hard landscaping in the form of decking and gravel areas but no plants. I THINK IT IS CALLED LOW MAINTAINANCE.
Yesterday the sun was out and it was time to tackle the problem. There was one small area that had been slabbed over that I could make a bed for some plants. Got hubby to lift the slabs for me and he put in my water feature – I do love to hear the sound of water and that gave me an area to work in.

I planted French Lavenders, Choiysa Ternata, Hollyhock, Hardy Geraniums, Turks Head Lily, Bleeding Heart mixed with some pansies and now all I have to do is sit back and wait for them to grow.

Talking about downsizing I have only got so much room in the house and so have decided to spill my vintage collecting bug out into the garden – I refuse to be beaten....

I wonder who F Pogson was and what did he store in this trunk.


  1. Love your water feature Deb, can't wait to see the changes to your garden. It looks like Derek has been pretty busy too.
    Ann x

  2. It looks beautiful!
    I've got a tiny spot in the garden that I call my "museum" and it's full of old bottles that we've dug up, watering cans such as yours but leaky and filled with plants, and the same little childs wheelbarrow...and alas all the snails in the neighbourhood who decided it was the perfect des-res!
    Happy gardening

  3. A lovely little garden!! Enjoy the sunshine : )

    Sharon xx


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