Monday, 12 April 2010


Ann and I met up in Northampton on Saturday for a coffee and a perusal around the Northampton Antiques Market that is being held on our Market Square.   Although there were not too many stalls we both managed to find some goodies – well that’s a surprise I hear you say.
Suddenly we heard this almighty roar and rumble, we both rushed to the end of the market to see what the heck was making all the commotion only to be met by the sight of line after line of Harley Davidson’s making a procession up the road. They were giving it full throttle and lots of wellie even if they were only going very slowly. The noise was vibrating it was that deep and powerful.
The parade of bikes was in aid of the local Cynthia Spencer Hospice here in Northampton once they had finished parading all the bikes were parked up and the collection buckets came outThis lucky lad managed to get on the bike and see how it felt , I bet the guy in the back looking on was green with envy.I rather fancy this one myself, lovely and pink.
This one is great for your picnic basket and rug when getting away into the country, double seater and stow away.  OK so not really the look one envisages when thinking of Harley’s and Bikers but some of us are not getting any younger and need a bit of comfort – Born to be wild, well nearly.


  1. I love the image of the picnic basket on the back of the Harley (and lots of the riders aren't so young either these days)

  2. Your VERY OWN bluebell photo awaits, and I've done a link- hope thats ok?


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