Monday, 26 April 2010


Got up yesterday morning to a dull drizzle and all the plans I had made went out the window. Friends were coming for dinner and I thought we could perhaps go for a walk along the canal tow path before dinner, but it looked like that was not quite such a good idea.

Over coffee it was mentioned that Guilsborough was holding its NGS open gardens day and we decided to don our cagoules and brave the weather – what are we fair weather gardeners, my goodness they have an allotment, a little bit of rain.... you know the story, so without further ado off we set to have a nosey around other peoples gardens.

There were nine gardens open and what gardens they were – it was like walking around National Trust homes and gardens , the majority of them were huge, you could have got my courtyard garden into one tiny corner of their acres. I was not jealous, well not much, well actually I could feel myself turning green, and I am not talking about my fingers.... Mind you we all agreed we would not want to have to cut the lawns.

Anyway take a walk with me around some of the gardens and see what I mean.

How is this for a vegie patch.

A view from the bottom of the garden.

Our favourite garden.

Most people have a dog as pets....

I have to say that the gardens although spectacular, having love and attention heaped on them they were just a little too large and over the top for my suburban taste but they were well worth walking around and of course all the money raised goes to charity so we were doing our bit for that too.

One thing I did enjoy was the dazzling array of daffodils and tulips that were on show they were breathtaking and I will take you on a visit to see them in another blog.


  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!
    Becky :-)

  2. The garden's look beautiful Deb, we very nearly made it over there ourselves.
    Ann x

  3. Hello, what beautiful gardens, it is Autumn over here and the weather is getting cooler by the day, I also visit the Open Garden Scheme gardens in Tasmania, it is an Australia Wide initiative that donates proceeds to charities. Your kitchen in LOVELY, hopefully mine will be too.....sometime in the future,
    Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

  4. Gosh, Guilsborough looks a beautiful place to visit. Can you get a bus there (and back, if I must), I wonder? Thank you for sharing your photos, they are lovely.
    Z xx

  5. HI Zoe, As far as I am aware Guilsborough has a bus go to it, not sure how often though. It is a very pretty village and I know that they are having a village open day on or around the 11th June, it might be worth looking out in the local press for something.

  6. I have an "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award for you!When you have time please call into my blog where you will find your award!!xx

    Thank you for sharing your lovely blog - it gives me great pleasure! xxx


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