Wednesday, 3 February 2010


OK to all of you vintage loving folks that have been asking when and where it is finally official.  The flyers have been printed the hall has been booked and paid for and we are back for another fair on the 20th March at St Matthews Parish Church rooms in Northampton

We will be listing those people who have asked to have a stall once we have a had confirmed bookings from them but if last year is anything to go by I am sure we will have some great sellers and crafts people joining us again.

Keep checking in on Ann and myself for further information.


  1. Put me down for one stall please honey!! I will have lots more shelves this time though..lots of plate racks and shelf furniture to sell this time!!Need to sell them all off to make space for new ventures and hopefully a new baby sometime this year fingers crossed!!!
    Lemme know if you need me to paypal you hun xx
    Annie x

  2. I cannot wait. I am so excited! Can I copy your flyer onto my blog, please?

    And fingers Xd for Annie above. Even more excitement!

    Zoe x


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