Friday, 12 February 2010


My eldest daughter is getting married this year and I am going to be the “Mother of the Bride”. This means that I have to dress up and look very smart – not that I have anything against that I l love a wedding and being my first born daughters it will be extra special.

The thing that I am fretting about is the HAT!!!. I just cannot wear one, They just do not suit me I look ludicrous, stupid, in other words a right wally. There is not one style that I can get away with.

I have the outfit, I wasn’t looking as the wedding is not until July but went to Milton Keynes on Tuesday and espied a dress in the window of Phase Eight, went in tried it one and bought the whole ensemble in one foul swoop, that is the dress, jacket, shoes and matching bag. All but the blessed HAT!!!

Today thought I would have another try – I know I will try a fascinator....well it looked like I had three birds perched on my head. It was so bad even the shop assistant chortled and they are not supposed, under any circumstances to laugh and their customer’s misfortune, but she did.

Help is definitely going to be needed to solve this conundrum.


  1. I can make you something if you want hun...maybe a vintage brooch made into a clip? Have a look at the net for ideas and send me some pics and I can make up a design for you x
    Annie x

  2. Maybe a clip/slide with diamonds (real ones if possible!!) or beads would look nicer than feathers and flowers for you??? Lucey xx


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