Monday, 25 January 2010


After much cajoling from sellers and shall we, shan’t we Ann (Vintage At The Corner House) and I have decided that we will arrange another Vintage & Home Made Fair and we are looking to host one in around the end of March, more details will follow in due course so keep checking in.

Ann has been busy with the flyer sending me pictures to choose from and me sending them back with criticisms – damn being a Virgo. Mind you I see that she has also been busy out and about shopping, I am sure she will have lots of lovely goodies to sell come the fair.

I have not been too much of a slouch in that department either.  I have picked up some nice embroidered brooches which I love and a wonderful lucite crinoline lady.

A couple of new compacts and some tins.

Thats not all but just a small glimpse, a girl needs to keep some suprises.  To see more you will just have to come to the fair.


  1. Looking forward to the fair!! Something to look forward to, like spring & sunshine!!!
    Also meeting bloggers too!!

    Have a lovely week : )

  2. hi Debbie!
    I've come across from Annie's blog... I'm very interestd in your fair in March.
    Could you email details please....prices etc
    If you have five mins feel free to pop over and say hello
    Thanks hun
    Karen x


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