Saturday, 9 January 2010


One of my hobbies when I am not busy searching for vintage finds or creating is researching my family tree and genealogy. I have always loved history and I am a nosy devil by nature and love to know what happened back in the annals of time, one of the reasons why I love old houses. I put on my Sherlock Holmes deerstalker to play detective and I just had to start looking into the history of my new home especially as it appears that the bicycle business that was part of my house played so big a part in the village’s life.

First stop the internet, there is always something to find on there and I decided that I would see if there were any photographs of the business or shop, and low and behold I found this wonderful snap of William Blincow the owner for the shop outside what is now my lounge. What a find.
As you can see the bow window is still there I  might even ask Hubby to look under the tongue and groove cladding to see if the moulded detail originally on the bay is still there, I should be so lucky, as would be wonderful to have that displayed again.

In my dining room there is a little window peep hole which opens up and this was used by the owners to look through to see if anybody had come into the shop and needed serving . I love it as it one of the houses features and part of its quirky past.

Next stop is our little village museum and local history society as I expect they have more information to give me.  Then it is back to the internet to start looking at the census's to see who else may have lived in the house and maybe find out exactly how old it is.  I should have been a detective.....


  1. Hi Debbie.

    How lovely to have a home with history and to find that picture. And what a cute place for 'Ted', it looks like it was made for him!
    Enjoy your detectiving! (I think I may have made that word up!)

    Zoe x

  2. Hi Deb,
    great to find that picture of your house, it will be fascinating to investigate ho the previous occupants were. That little window is great fun, such a quirky feature.
    Ann x

  3. Love your new house, it looks as though it has loads of character!! It will be really interesting to hear more about it's history.
    You asked about that beautiful kitchen..... well it was photographed in Kettering Wickes. I loved it, as it looked lovely and rustic with the distressing on it. All the other kitchens look too new. I think we have been looking at the same one.
    Keep us posted!!

    Take care : )

    Sharon xx

  4. Just come across your blog so popped in to say hello!

  5. Hey Deb!
    The cottage looks fantastic!!! That window is CUTE..♥♥♥ the colour of the paint on it too!!
    Thanks for entering the giveaway hun popped in 2 entries for you..let me know if you post a link and I'll pop in another for you xxx
    Good Luck
    Annie xxxx
    Dont forget to let me know if theres any wedding help you need too xx

  6. Hi Debbie
    thank you for your comment on my blog, i love the old photo of your house, i often wonder about our house as it is over 100 years old, on the first census it listed the man and his occupation they had seven children and for the wife it said lunatic! our cottage is soooooo tiny im not surprised with 7 children! fliss xx

  7. Hi Debbie
    Love your house. I also would be doing the detective work if i lived there.


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