Sunday, 8 November 2009


Phew just catching my breath after yesterdays wonderful turnout to our Vintage and Homemade Fair.

For those of you who visited us a big thank you and I do hope you managed to find some wonderful goodies there. For those of you who had a stall with us an even bigger THANK YOU... Ann and I really hope that you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

8.30 yesterday morning we were finishing off the touches to our stalls. Thank goodness we had set the tables up the night before and by 4.30 it was all over and we were beginning to pack up the tables again. All those months of planning and it was over in a blink of an eye.

As it was the first fair we had organised we were not sure how many people we would have visit us but I have to say the folks of Northampton turned out in force. The radio did us proud and continuously kept advertising our fair off and on all day on Friday and Saturday.

Lots of people tucked into homemade cakes and cups of tea and lots of compliments were handed out about the food “lovely sponge” and how lovely it was to drink out of a “proper” cup and saucer and I know that the four in the kitchen were run off their feet the whole time.

Both the halls were equally as busy, there was a real buzz about the whole affair and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves stall holders and customers alike.

It was so nice to put faces to people we have been blogging with – a big hi to Wendy of Ticking Stripes, Annie of Birdcages and Butterflies, Laura of Myvintageparty and Emma of Silver Pebbles.

I managed to take some photos before the fair started but after that was just too busy to get out my camera and so apologies for not having more photographs to show you but if you go onto The Crafty Trundlers blog she has really done us proud and has lots of photographs of the stalls, thank you so much. I will try and do better next time. DO YOU MEAN THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME.....


  1. Thanks again for organising it all with Ann, you did a great job!
    Laura x

  2. I thought you were talking about our Vintage & Handmade Fair and that I had missed it!!!
    Glad it all went well for you.

  3. Great to meet you Debbie - surely there'll be another - you can't rest on your laurels now! You've started something great for the Midlands. I can't stop thinking about doing one in Nottingham after our conversation!

  4. Glad that the fair went well. Enjoyed looking at the pictures! I went to the V&H Fair in Chipping Sodbury at the weekend which just an hour away from me, it was great.
    Isabelle x


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