Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I have not had a chance to blog recently as have been packing the house up ready for the move.  As far as we were aware all was going well and we were all set for the middle of December move.  I have been busy packing up my home full of little treasures safely - surrounded by a sea bubble wrap and tissue.  It had suddenly all gone quite so we decided we had better chase things up and would you believe it the people in the chain who were so insistent on a move before Christmas have not even had a survey done on the house they are buying!!!! Fuming is the word I would use.  If I were not such a lady I would swear (well I have really).... Still at least it means we will be able to have our last Christmas in this house and I can put up my Christmas tree and decorate my now half packed up home - a small consolation.

In between all the packing I have taken some me time to create some Christmas items for the Bicycle Basket Bazaar this Saturday.

I have made up some more packs of my Christmas tags that always do well and have made a couple of picture shadow boxes.

I like to take some of my hand made items to the Fishmarket as it is a great venue for handmade items and I mix these in with my vintage goodies.


  1. I HATE MOVING!!!! I totally feel for you hunny x
    I Love your new makes too hun! did you use your new belnding tool??!!! Hope it got to you safely hun xxx
    Annie x

  2. Love your snowman picture Deb. I can't believe the news about the house move, at least you can just relax a bit now until after Christmas. Must start sorting out my stuff for the BBB on Sat as well.
    Ann x

  3. Hi Annie Yes I used the dabber on the snowman picture, thank you so much for sending it to me and I also used your tutorial for the ageing of the picture frame so thank you for that as well. Your a gem

  4. DID you? Looks fab hun!!
    Right off to look in the dictionary how to spell 'blending'!!!!
    Annie x

  5. Hi Debbie. Why does moving have to be so nervewracking? It would've been courteous for someone to let you know what was happening. Still, like you say, you can make great last- Christmas-at-your-old-home memories. I will do my best to see you at the BBB tomorrow to personally say hi and thank you for a great Fair the other week. It was good wasn't it?
    Take care, Zoe


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