Sunday, 1 November 2009


We were up and at it again today. Ann and I decided that it would be a good idea to have a bike at the Northampton Bicycle and Basket Bazaar in order to spread the word out further about the Vintage and Home Made Fair next Saturday. 

The morning started very wet and windy but the sun came out which was great as being an old fish market it has a glass roof which is open at the top (this was to let the smell of the fish out) and can get decidedly chilly. I have been known to hug a hot water bottle under my coat there.

Lindsey of Elsie Sparrow very nicely lent us her new bike which her husband had surprised ‘s her with for her birthday – for pictures of her bicycle please see Ann’s blog at Vintage At The Corner House. Lindsey sells the most wonderful children’s hand made items and she will be with us next weekend.

The hall was buzzing and some of the stallholders had really gone to town decorating their pitches. None more so than Aileen, who was selling a wonderful selection of gourds, dried flowers and vintage goodies, she is also joining us next weekend.
I just love the effort she had put into making her bicycle special.  Very creative, can't wait to see how her stall is going to look at the fair.

Throughout the day we were entertained by a trio who played a mixture of jazz and up tempo numbers our neighbours little boy was there and he really loved the drum player and I know what he is asking for from Father Christmas this year.  It is probably just as well we are moving....

All in all it was a great day, we made some sales and we handed out lots of our flyers so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


  1. looks FANTASTIC!! Do they have this a lot then? def worth a Visit I think!!
    Still busy working feel like I still dont have enough to take to the fair yet!!
    argghh...I THINK i'LL MAKE IT!! ;~)
    Annie x

  2. Hi Annie

    The fair is held the last Saturday of every month and is defiantely worth a look. If you are interested here is a link that tells you all about it
    I know the feeling, I sold quite a few packs of tags yesterday and so now need to spend some time replacing them....Time what is that.

  3. Hi Debbie,

    I have just discovered you and wanted to say hello. I love your vintage shop and spotted a few lovely things - including the pony tin! - and then had a look in your etsy shop and was a bit intrigued as I always thought you could only sell 'home made' things on there, but it was just lovely to look at your vintage finds.

    I have a little website where I sell toys but am making one or two changes at the moment - including that I have started poking around car boot sales to assemble a few vintage toys to have in their own little area. So it's great to meet people to inspire me!

    Love the name too... wants not needs... my bf is far too fond of pointing out the difference!!

    Anyway, good to meet you...


  4. Hi Charlotte, Thank you for your comments. I too love vintage toys and games and have a house that is just filled with them. I have three dolls houses and my grandchildren love to come and play with Nannies old bits (they have their own collection of Fisher Price toys).

  5. What a lovely display. Good luck for Saturday!
    Isabelle x

  6. Great fair, so vibrant, colourful, and friendly!!! Look forward to the next one, I hink I will have to start crafting, Not too much decorating left to do!!! ; )
    Definitely will have to get to the bicycle bazaar too. Used to have a vintage bike. My ex bought it back from Amsterdam!!
    Lovely to meet you all : )

    Sharon xx


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