Friday, 18 September 2009


Had another day out this week and visited one of my favourite little towns in Suffolk called Clare.  We first came across Clare when we stayed there for a few days  as our Easter treat and we fell in love with it.   The village  is full of the quintest pink, yellow and blue painted houses and cottages that are so pretty.

First port of call is coffee and cake in Number One Delicatessen and Cafe who serve the most scrumptious coffee and cake, I had chocolate and caramel covered shortbread - not good for the waist line but what the heck.  The olives and cheese looked wonderful but I resisited the temptation.

Clare has its own ruined castle and also a monestry which are nestled just over a river and it is the most tranquil of places.  What a marvelous gate this is - go through it leads to

Whilst I was there I popped into the great antique mall that is nestled down one of the back streets for a little browse - four levels of antiques and collectables and the dealers prices are good too.  The staff are really nice and helpful too.

Did I get anything I hear you ask - now for those of you who know me they will know that that is a silly question - of course I did.


  1. Clare looks like a beautiful place, I love the pink houses. Wonderful buys, all of them especially that little black bag.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Isabelle x

  2. The pink house is beautiful, Clare looks like a great place to have a wander around. The ballerina cloths are unusual, it's nice to find something a bit different to the usual crinoline ladies. I don't know why you are thinking of your waistline, you are one of the skinniest people I know !
    Ann x

  3. What a lovely place must visit that part of the world someday.


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