Saturday, 5 September 2009


I love children's illustrator's and one of my very favourites is Amercian artist Jessie Wilcox Smith 1863-1935.  I was introduced to her by by dear Amercian cousin Glynis who is an avid collector of her artwork and she started me off on yet collection.  Her pictures of children are just so sweet and I particularly like the one of children playing with their toys or reading their books.  She also did a series of mothers with babies and these are just to die for - in fact when my eldest was expecting her second child I managed to get a baby book that Jessie had illustrated which had been completed in 1911 with the sweetest entries.

She was prolific artist who illustrated many childrens books and  lot of her her work was published in Good Housekeeping  magazine in the 1920's and 30's and you can still find copies of them with front covers with her work on them.  I found two when I was in the States this year and have just framed the one above and am working on the frame for the second as we speak.
If you are not familiar with her work I urge you to take a look I am sure you wil love her as much as I do.


  1. I love the framed picture, I have the 'A Girl Reading' picture sat on the desk in front of me now, I think I will probably frame the card.
    Ann x

  2. They are so charming! So nostalgic & innocent looking.



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