Monday, 14 September 2009


I have just had a week off from work with the intention of spending time creating, sorting out items for the November fair and just generally doing jobs around the house that need doing.  My mother always says "Don't tell the Devil too much of your mind" right she is, all my planned activities went out the window as Hubby had decided he wants to move home and DOWNSIZE.....  He has to be having a laugh, with all the bits and pieces in this house.  Oh well.  I have spent the last week looking at other people's houses, getting mine ready to put on the market (which means tidying up my work room - no easy task I have to say) and making visits to B&Q to pick up paint etc.

I did take some time off on Saturday to meet up with Ann and visit the newly reinstated Antique market on the Market Square in Northampton.  Hannah (youngest daughter that shows no sign of leaving home) came with us and straight away found some furniture for her bedroom - "Hold On" I said "We are downsizing" - oh well worry about that later.  So we endned up coming back with a piece of furniture.....
There were not that many stalls but true to form I managed to find a man with lots of interesting bits and pieces.  In a box he had a lot of old mixed jewellery.  I picked thorugh it and found some wonderful brooches - "How mcuh for these" I said showing him my handful and he came back with £2.00...BARGAIN...what do you think?


  1. The dressing table looks great with Hannah's bits and pieces and I still can't believe you found all those brooches for £2.00 !
    Ann x

  2. i love the dressing table, and the brooches i love it when you expect a higher price and then you get a thrifty surprise! fliss xx

  3. I want to have a week like you wanted - not the one you ended up with but I suspect mine will go like yours! Until then I'm taking tomorrow off hopefully to sort out some things for the fair in November!

  4. Move out, not if you move into the house we saw Saturday I wont be ha. Whole floor to myself, dont be silly. x


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