Wednesday, 10 August 2011


We had spent Saturday inside the hall at Market Harborough for the Vintage Fair and decided that we would get out and about for some fresh air on the Sunday and a village not too far from us was having a garden open day so we decided that we would make that our destination.

Got up Sunday and the sun was shining which looked very promising so we took ourselves off – brolly less and coat less. We pulled into the car park and of course the skies opened up.

Other like minded people, us Brits are a hardy bunch.

Luckily our friends who came with us were a lot more organised than us and they had some spare umbrellas in the back of their car and one of the gardens had some bric a brac etc for sale and nestling in a box for £1.00 was a waterproof jacket for hubby which a bit like Cinderella’s slipper fitted him a treat. I on the other hand just had a summer cardigan on. My linen trousers soaked up the water like a sponge and they were flapping gamely around my ankles but undaunted we persevered and the sun came out and we continued on our way.

We got to the last garden and as I was turning to come down some steps I felt a sharp pain at the top of my leg very near to my derriere, then again another one. I could feel something moving around and so with no further ado I dropped my trousers in full view of all the other people that were wandering around only to find a little bee had crawled up my trouser leg and stung me – not once but twice......

So picture this if you will, there is me with my bottom hanging out (good job I had decent knickers on) and my poor friend kneeling down to inspect the damage. Like a good Girl Guide that I once was many moons ago, I had one of those stick pens that you use on bites and stings and I pulled this of my bag out shoved it in my friends hand and bade her to dab it on the injured area. Obviously others in this garden were more than entertained by my antics, I even got the comment “nice view” from some guy and what did hubby do, he put his head down and made a big effort to look very interested in some steam engine that was in the corner of the garden, pretending that he was not at all anything to do with the mad woman with no trousers on. Now that’s my hero for you.

On the plus side I did win a bottle of Bertolli tomatoe sauce on the tombolla, mind you there again a bottle of wine would have been better.
I reckon that bee was so busy smelling the roses he got drunk and decided to sleep it off somewhere, just wish he had not chosen my trouser leg to do it in.


  1. ouch! You poor thing! Hope is stops stinging soon! Typical man though! lol!

  2. OW! And 'ow' again! Little bu**er! The view of the 'lesser cladded Deb-bee' must have been a surprise sight for fellow garden fans!
    It was lovely to see you Saturday and I SO love my little bonnet. Need to find it a safe place to display it and pop a piccy on my blog too.
    Z xx
    My 'word' was stinge!!

  3. LOL!And no one took a picture for the album!
    Nice to meet you at Market Harborough last Saturday.

    Sandie xx

  4. Oh Debbie, sorry to laugh but I can actually picture this. How fortunate that you had an antidote with you. After all, there's a good reason for us ladies carrying such large handbags: we are prepared for almost every eventuality - except rain perhaps.


  5. I do love a garden tour, specially in England. hope your bum is better...

  6. Mental note - must buy new knickers - just in case!!

  7. hi Debbie- if any consolation, I had a "bee episode" visiting (what we thought was an empty) historic church in Gloucestershire.
    Trouserless, I was bent over the steps to the pulpit...

    needless to say we can never go back there!

    Yes, I made a really appropriate version of the giftbag for a "wholemeal" friend, using a brown-paper bag, raffia etc.
    Not quite to our tastes, but she was amazed and liked the bag more than the gift it contained!

    I've been experimenting sewing thick (expensive!) CK wrapping paper into bags for Xmas, you can actually line the paper with cloth and it stitches well on the machine...

    Thanks for your lovely comment, as always


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