Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I always like to try and make something new for the fairs and with Olney coming up this Saturday I put on my thinking cap and this is my latest - gift bags made out of brown paper sandwich bags and matching gift tags.
My cousin sent me a pack of Victorian scraps from a shop that we both love to visit in the US and I just had to use the one above.  I have been struggling with my sewing machine but now fianlly feel that I have got the hang of it and have been whipping up these bags and tags all weekend.

I have used vintage papers, cards, lace and all manner of bits and pieces that I have stored in my many boxes around the house and they are a great way of using up little snippets of items.
These ones have old postcards as their theme and I used some of my printed tie as well.
Children's theme bags.

I know you cannot get an awful lot in them but sometimes the sweetest suprises come in little packages.


  1. Hello Debbie

    These are very pretty and what a good idea. I particularly like the matching gift tags.

    Good luck with the Fair.


  2. they are gorgeous! looking forward to seeing you x

  3. these are just fabulous!

    I'm going to unashamedly "borrow" your idea to give a pressie to a very wealthy friend- she has everything (more than everything) she could ever want, so it's all down to thoughtfulness, and this packaging will fit that bill perfectly- I have some photos from her birthday treat last year and I'll use those as the theme to make it quite personal.

    I shall, of course tell her where I got the idea from!

    Good luck with the fair
    lots of love

  4. Love them Deb, you are so clever.
    Ann x

  5. No problem Elaine I hope your friend enjoys it I made a personal one for my sister, as you say it is the thought that goes into something rather than the cost of the item.

  6. Those bags and tags are such pretty things, just to have tucked on a shelf for display.
    Many thanks for your comment. Don't think I'll make it to Olney...I don't drive but maybe there's a bus?
    Z xx

  7. The bags are a lovely idea, look forward to seeing you at Olney Linda x

  8. The bags sure look different then when I sent them LOL.
    Looking good cuz

  9. Great idea.I shall have to try this one....thanks...Alison (Italy )


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