Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Many years ago youngest daughter used to sing at open mic events in pubs and clubs in our area.  Sadly like the nightingale she stopped singing and we could not get her to even sing at family get togethers, it was almost like she had lost her voice.  Last year along with my neice who is studying music at college she decided that she would sing a couple of songs at her sister's wedding, this she did - I think the champagne helped to grease the vocal cords - and that was that.  Then a couple of weeks ago she decided that she would give it another go and together with her cousin's friend Jasmine who is an accomplished singer and guitarist they booked a spot on an open mic in a small village pub the New Inn in Abthorpe. 

Had to laugh at the sign above their heads.
Anyway to cut a long story short a very proud mum and dad listened as their nightingale found her voice again and at one stage she sang an Adele song acapella and the whole pub went silent, no mean feat when it is a lot of burly blokes downing pints.

A warm up...

The two girls together.

Looks like her dad and I could be visiting a lot of pubs in the near future...


  1. You must be very proud, it is sad when they give up things they are good at,and what a good excuse to visit different pubs!Linda xx

  2. awwww thats lovely, you must be buzzing with proudness, dee x

  3. glad it went well, I love Adele. I met your daughter at the last vintage fair and she was lovely x


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